These vivid sketchbooks will brighten any desk and inspire you with quotes written inside. Perfect for the creative artist in your life or anyone who loves to draw! One set of sketchbooks includes 4 sketchbooks.  
-They have a flexible cover which is great for travelling with.
-They are ergonomic in size, which makes it comfortable to carry around.  Most Sketchbooks are based on standard economy of paper sizes like 8.5 x 11.  The Doodles are 7 inches by 7 inches - perfect for taking with you on the go.    
- The quotes will help assist in jump starting your creativity by inspiring you and sparking your inner creativity.  
- These sketch books come in a set of four vivid colors, which not only look great on a clean white desk, but also capture the eye's attention.
- The paper is Acid Free, which is great for archival quality.  This feature prevents the paper to turn yellow over time and keep your drawings looking fresh years later.
-  Each Sketchbook has 120 pages totaling 480 in each set.  
- An index of the designers and artists that are quoted are provided at the back of each sketchbook.  

If you purchased the pencil sketching starter kit.  Then the description is as follows.  
The Essentials graphite sketching set includes all the necessary tools needed to start your art adventure today. This set includes excellent quality graphite pencils, graphite and charcoal sticks, charcoal pencils, woodless graphite pencil, erasers, and sharpener for the pencil artist. This set is an exceptional value; it contains 21 high grade sketching tools packed in a transparent clamshell for storage and organization.


Doodle Sketchbook


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