Schematic Design







Think of these phases similar to the way you would look at a sonogram, each phase brings more clarity and resolution.   



Brick Wall

20'0 long 10'0 tall, wood studs, red brick, with weep holes,  and other



Making sure contractor Builds the wall correctly.

Let's use a small example of a wall, First, we indicate that there is a wall, next we define what the wall is made up of.  We then document the location of the wall, the height of the wall, which specific kind of brick color and size is being used, the tie backs, vapor barrier, air gap, type of sheathing and size, type and size of studs, and details on insulation. 

Some clients choose to keep us on board throughout construction to keep a pulse on the project, this is what we call CA or construction administration, where we go on site and make sure that the wall is built per the way we designed and technically specified it so that contractors are not getting sloppy, or cutting corners or sometimes they simply need more clarity.  We do this for all elements of the building.  

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