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Stop living the life that others want you to live!

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

Your future doesn’t have to be shaped by other people’s opinions.

It’s time to take control over what your life looks like.

We live in a rapidly moving world full of stereotypes, trends, and standards for everything we’re supposed to do.

The way we look, the way we talk, the things we own, even the food we eat…!!!

These are the same standards and ancient traditions that impose on people a life that takes them away from who they really are, a life that collides with their dreams and goals for what they want to achieve.

And once you reach that point, you’ll start questioning:

❌❌How can I live away from the pressure of being someone I’m not?

❌❌How can I achieve what I want without disappointing anyone?

❌❌Am I forced to live a life that’s not mine?

The answer is no! Your life should be lived on your own terms, and under your own control.

And Poonam Patel, the founder of Urban loop studio is here to tell you how!💡🙅

✨Join her today in her TEDx talk to learn more about her journey to become a successful architect, the challenges she faced along the way, and how you can regain control over your life choices.✨

We’ll see you there!


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