A floor plan is more than just a drawing on a paper: it’s the professional architectural depiction of what your house will look like, and the solid base that you can tweak and tailor around your needs before setting anything in stone.

It gives you a clearer vision of the connections between spaces, the dimensions, the traffic pattern throughout the house, and the different rooms and features it has.

The floor plan is a crucial part of building a new house or remodeling an existing one. Unlike buying a new house where you have to put up with what’s already there, you have the opportunity to design it however you like and create a space that perfectly suits your needs and preferences.

So, why not get a pen and paper and start designing it yourself? Don’t let the concept fool you: There’s many elements that come into play in a floor plan… And that’s why we are here to help!


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House plan drawing requires specific skills and knowledge of architectural design. Therefore, it’s best to leave it to professionals (AKA us!). The primary purpose of drawing a floor plan is to give the homeowner an idea of how the space will be utilized and, in addition to that, it has to comply with standards set by the local authorities as well.

This is exactly where Urban Loop Studio’s services come handy!

We are a women-owned design studio with the tools and the expertise to cover all your floor plan design needs.

We offer you professional, detail-oriented floor plans curated to your preferences and the needs of you and your family to help you perfect the solid base your home will be built upon...And transform it into a solid foundation that matches your vision of the perfect living space!

Join us today, and invest in professional, highly customizable floor plans! Choose between our offers:

Poonam Patel / Urban Loop Studio did a phenomenal job Of redesigning & renovating our home. Having a designer who is a skilled architect opened what was possible with our home & resulted in a much more open concept living room/kitchen. The house looks open, airy & charming & is much more functional. She redesigned the space to include larger windows, wonderful lighting. storage, bathrooms, kitchen & dining room. She did an amazing job & was a pleasure to work with.


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Design your dream home that fits your need

It's an oppurtunity for you to design however you like

It's an oppurtunity for you to design however you like

Create a space that suits your needs and preferences

Get an idea of how your home space will utilized

Comply with standards set by the local authorities

Get a creative solutions to create an exceptional design

Transfer your house into solid foundation that matches
your vision

Be confident that you're getting floor plans for your new home from a trusted source!


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Award-winning professionals

Floor Plans for your dream house will be designed by Our award-winning professionals. You can be confident as you are in a trusted source and in a good hand!!
In a land of little regulation.  You don't know who to trust with your most EXPENSIVE asset, your home.  Are you really going to trust this in the hands of the lowest bidder?  Good Luck with that or you can take charge and go with people who know their sh*t

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We are client-centric and hold your hand every step Of the way so you have the confidence you deserve in creating a space that is optimal for your residential and so that you can experience a floor plan that works with your lifestyle for years to come.

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2D, 3D, & 4D plans

You will get floor plans for your future home. 2D plans will be great for you to obtain permits and get it built & 3D/ 4D plans will give you the real vision of what home will look like.

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Detail Oriented

Your project will get the attention it deserves.  You won't have to deal with people dropping the ball, half-ass responses, and making your feel marginalized.
Just read our 5 - star reviews!


Step 1

Decide your program

In order for you to get started, you will need to instruct your design team on what your basic requirements are.

Step 2

Create a Vision Board

Collect images that help you convey the colors, styles, spaces and other details can help you communicate your desires. 

Step 4


This helps us create a framework around the spaces we will eventually design for you.  These questions will serve as the building blocks of your design, so that you can get what you want

Step 6


Completing steps 1-5 will give you the most out of your complimentary consultation.  We already have 5 star reviews and product excellent work.  so schedule today.