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The way your home looks isn’t only about being aesthetically pleasing, as it’s the environment you’re surrounded by most of your time: because of that, it affects you in ways most people don’t think are possible.


Home decor has substantial effects on mental health and self-image, even your image in other people’s minds changes when they visit your home for the first time... which just goes to show how much simple design choices like patterns or colors can say a lot about your personality!


Did you know that the most impactful element of design on mental health is color, which can alter your mood drastically depending on the main color used in a room? For example, blue is a color that has been shown to slow down a person's metabolism, heart rate, and blood pressure, which will have a calming effect on your mind and body.


Starting to realize how important it is to make the right decor choices?



Urban Loop Studio is a women-led, 5 star-rated architecture studio that brings together the most talented and passionate architects and interior designers to help you bring your vision of the perfect home into a reality through a simple, detail-oriented set of tools!


We carefully study your and your family’s needs and preferences, while providing you with valuable advice that we have gathered over our 20 years of experiences, helping you make wiser, more informed choices about your present and your future.


With us, you can rest assured that your identity will be reflected perfectly in the space you call home!


Schedule an appointment with us today, and invest in an environment that looks a lot more like you.