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Designing your DREAM home starts here. 

Thinking of embarking on a new build or remodel?
We have put together some materials to help you get your DREAM project underway.

The magic wand to bring your dreams of the perfect home into a reality.
Home: where your heart is, your safe haven for moments of peace away from life’s troubles, and where you create timeless memories and special moments with your loved ones. It’s where you can be your honest, true self, without hiding under any masks the outside world forces you to wear!

Our homes are a true reflection of who we are, and a house isn’t a home until it holds a piece of its residents in every corner of every room. That’s exactly what most people struggle with when acquiring or building a new house, or remodeling an existing one: “How can we build the home to last a lifetime, while still maintaining a beautiful, functional design?”

This is especially true when making the decision of creating a new family!
A family home isn’t just rooms that the family members eat, sleep, and settle in: it’s where the children grow up, and where precious moments of true connection are born and turned into timeless memories, stories that warm the hearth. Think about it: all the special moments from your childhood are connected to the home you grew up in! 

An essential part of creating that flourishing, loving family you dream of is by starting simple: With the right environment to welcome your life experiences, professionally designed to suit your needs. 

Or are you looking to let go of your old house, and treat yourself to a fresh start…?
Designing your own house from scratch can get pretty overwhelming: it seems like an exciting experience from afar, but once you actually see the amount of moving parts involved in the process, things start to get messy!
That’s exactly why our service is centered around YOU: Urban Loop Studio, a passionate team of experts, that will guide you through every step of creating a space that mirrors your personality, and matches your unique wants and needs… No matter where you’re coming from!